Intelligent and suitable architectural solutions are maintained through closer understanding of the needs and ideas of faculty and operational requirements of administrators. DAR AL OMRAN’s qualified team are committed to adopt and emulate the Clients' vision, providing efficient and functional buildings and  facilities, through extensive research incorporating the latest process and technologies.

The Firm’s background has delivered a large portfolio extending over 35 years in integrated educational projects, including schools of different types, interdisciplinary universities and other educational facilities. It seeks to reflect the Clients’ goals of providing a brighter atmosphere and successful future for its students.





    Amman Arab University Development


    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Client: Amman Arab University

    Plot Size: 120,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 12,500 m2

    Construction Cost: 2,371,000 JOD

    Starting Date: October 2012

    Completion Date: May 2013

    Services Provided: Architectural & Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    DAR AL OMRAN’s scope was to study the existing buildings and site and develop the project to meet the Higher Education Commission requirements. The work performed by DAR AL OMRAN because of the study is as follows: Re-planning and Redesign of Existing buildings, External Elevations Redesign, Auditorium Design, and University Furniture Selection.


    King Faisal University- Boys and Girls Activity


    Location: Ihsa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University

    Starting Date: 2012

    Services Provided: Interior Design


    Project Description:


    Allocated in the King Faisal University premises and serving the students of the university, this segregated activity centre is to serve as a chill out point for the students where they can socialize, exercise, dine and study at any time during the day.

    The interior spaces varied throughout the centre from café’s, dining areas, recreational rooms, gallery and gym, offering students the amenities of any university enhancing students experience in the university campus. Thus, the interior design concept was to reveal the diversity in use between the spaces, intensifying students experience when using these facilities allocated within the activity centre. Each space was treated as a stand-alone space, giving it its own character and charisma but with the use of similar materials throughout the spaces so they all consistently combine forming state of the art activity centre



    KFU-Central Plaza


    Location: Ihsa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University

    Starting Date: 2013

    Services Provided: Interior Design


    Project Description:


    Allocated in the central area of the King Faisal University premises and serving the staff and their families the plaza was to offer a sanctuary for its users. The buildings were divided into four main buildings; segregated men and women social clubs, common area building and the market building. Each building is to stimulate its users an unforgettable experience throughout the use if the space.

    The interior design was derived from the buildings architectural which was distinctive with busy and various openings through the walls and slabs, imposing as a primary element that cannot be neglected or ignores. Thus, the interior design was dynamic reflecting the importance of these elements, creating the concept of “Order within dynamic chaos”. Therefore the use of slanted columns, floors and walls where used to enhance the experience of the user but in an orderly manner giving the spaces a phenomenal feeling of the modern material and techniques used on the interiors of the buildings


    Medical Colleges Complex-King Faisal


    Location: Al Ahsa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University

    Plot Size: 113,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 282,405 m2

    Construction Cost: 1,711,357,222 SAR

    Starting Date: November 2014

    Affiliation: KMD

    Services Provided: Master Planning, Architectural, Engineering & Interior Design, Value Engineering


    Project Description:


    King Faisal University intends to put forward a design project of Medical Colleges Complex in Al Oqeer Road with the basic infrastructure within the general plan of the Teaching Hospital of King Faisal University, Al Ahsa to one of the Consulting Offices, which have partnership with specialized international offices of previous experience in similar projects inside and outside the Kingdom. The Office shall study and design the project in order to achieve the latest technologies, studies, international architectural styles and plans. The Medical Colleges Complex scope consist of the following: College of Medicine Building, College of Clinical Pharmacy Building, College of Dentistry Building, College of Applied Medicine Building, and The Basic Infrastructure and General Site Coordination for the Medical Colleges Complex.

    The prevailing and damaging north, northwestern winds became the primary forming vocabulary for the proposed Master planning. Above ground parking, structures are designed along the northwestern edge of the campus to serve as a wind buffer as well as a wind-channeling device. The buildings of the campus are shaped to steer the wind through the spaces between the buildings with the goal of cooling the spaces and the facades of the buildings. Water features along the paths between the buildings will add evaporative water to the softer breezes, further enhancing the comfort level of the air in these areas. The waveform of the roof over the central shared academic facilities, Library, Sport and Dining is designed to capture any rainwater and channel it to enhance these water features.


    The clustering of the buildings along the paths creates numerous zones for collaborative interactions between students and / or faculty. To maintain a lower rise vocabulary conducive to the movement of the wind, the shared lab building is split into two. The space between the two Lab buildings has been used to create a small


    KFU Applied Studies College


    Location: Al ahsa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University

    Plot Size: 13,269 m2

    Built-Up Area: 19,980 m2

    Construction Cost: 98,800,000 SAR

    Starting Date: December 2014

    Completion Date: July 2016

    Services Provided: Architectural and Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    The project aims to reflect three different relationships: the Student-Professor relationship, the Students relationship with their Faculty, and the Students relationship with the University as a whole. These relationships lead to private, semi-private, and public spaces respectively that became the key drivers for the design of the faculty.

    The ‘Glass Box’ located at the center of the project symbolizes all three relationships combined hosting all shared functions such as the restaurants and the library. The glass façade allows the students to stay connected with the entire University campus when inside, allows the Professors to chaperon the Students from the adjacent building, and finally provide the students with their own faculty privacy




    Location: Ihsa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University

    Plot Size: 95,000 m2

    Starting Date: 2015

    Services Provided: Design Competition, Architectural Design


    Library For Girls - KFU


    Location: Hasa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University – KFU

    Plot Size: 2,400 m2

    Built-Up Area: 8294 m2

    Construction Cost: 50 million USD

    Starting Date: March 2015

    Completion Date: May 2015

    Services Provided: Architectural Design

    Market Sectors: Cultural


    Project Description:


    Spatial and informational extension of the female student library outside the physical boundaries and the integration of the functional and the aesthetic criteria to produce a vivid and sophisticated building with cultural References is the main motive in this design.

    Library building is located in the campus of King Faisal University, which is a well-founded scientific edifice in many fields of science and education, where the library is aimed to serve (10,000 female students in the future), making it an urban and visual reference.

    The Iconic design with a heritage flavour derived from local and Islamic architecture consists of a five-story, which distribute functions horizontally and vertically, and within the hierarchy concept of public and private zones.

    The library adopted sustainability and LEED principles to provide the most suitable environment and the appropriate climate to the reading and educational process



    Faculty of Law - KFU


    Location: Hasa - KSA

    Client: King Faisal University

    Plot Size: 7,241 m2

    Built-Up Area: 13,075 m2

    Construction Cost: 90 million USD

    Starting Date: March 2015

    Completion Date: May 2015

    Services Provided: Architectural Design


    Project Description:


    The project location had a distinctive value due to its alignment to a major spine in the university campus, and the triangular shape of the land had a powerful force on the massing attribute and the internal function layout.

    The concept of the building was based on the simulation of the profession practice, how to be lawyers and judges, and that was clearly implemented in some architectural features such as the grand stairs, columns and the inscriptions on the main elevations.

    Following the client preferences, a green and sustainable approach was adopted, hence our concept in adding a court in the middle and the outside breathing units was very convenient to get the required quality of the internal spaces




    Irbid Radiotherapy Centre at KAUH


    Location: Irbid - Jordan

    Client: King Abdallah University Hospital

    Plot Size: 7,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 2,900 m2

    Construction Cost: 3,750,000 USD

    Starting Date: January 2017

    Completion Date: September 2017

    Affiliation: Al Faysaliah

    Services Provided: Architectural & Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) intents to expand the Hospital to include a Radiotherapy Centre connected to the North West part of the Hospital on approximately 7,000 square meters' land, which is currently occupied by the Hospitals’ helipad and the associated service roads. The Centre is intended to serve Hospitals’ external and internal patients.

    KAUH emphasized on the need to have the new Centre design in line with the University Hospital existing architecture, architecture planning, and architecture character as well as taking into consideration the future vertical and horizontal expansion.

    The new Centre, in accordance with KAUH requirements, consist of the three main departments; outpatient Clinics, Chemo-therapy department, and radiotherapy department; all directly interconnected to the main Hospitals’ departments through lobby (connector) that provides waiting areas and reception for each department. The proposed design considered the functional needs of the Centres' visitors and (out & in) patients thus a separate entrances/ receptions and waiting area for each department were provided.

    Understanding radiotherapy centre design requirements, as emphasize by KAUH through the tender documents, in terms of proper shielding, proper location, and execution of the accelerators’ bunkers are one of the main design decisions and drivers of the architecture design concept. The properly shielded and executed accelerators’ bunkers can be located above or below grade.

    Design Team adopted the concept of locating the bunkers above grade to be executed properly with the adequate shielding configuration and a further protection step by surrounding the bunkers with three sides built up green planted berms which contributed to create the desirable healing environment and perceived as a building free of radioactive leakage as well as acting as physical barrier from the pedestrian's walkway around the bunkers.




    Location: Jerash - Jordan

    Client: Al Balqa’a Applied University

    Plot Size: 54,439 m2

    Built-Up Area: 47,000 m2

    Construction Cost: 3,000,000 JOD

    Starting Date: June 2016

    Completion Date: February 2017

    Services Provided: Master Planning


    Project Description:


    Al Balqaa Applied University establishes A 5000 student capacity college in Jerash.

    The project is set on 54,439 m2, it comprises teaching facilities, Administration Building, Library, Students’ Activities Building (Students' Affairs, Cafeteria, Services), Laboratories, Sport Facility, Clinic, Auditorium, Water Tanks, Plazas, Car Parking, etc. with the opportunity for vertical and horizontal expansion in the future.

    DAR AL OMRAN  is assigned as the Consultant holding the responsibility of providing the following: Two master plan options to Client for selection and then to provide detailed master plan with landscape and Infrastructure design for the selected option. Concept Design, Preliminary architectural drawings (space program, sections, elevations, site plan, preliminary structural system for the selected option. Engineering technical reports for structural, electrical and mechanical proposed systems




    Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) – Phase 1


    Location: Sharjah – UAE

    Client: Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS)

    Plot Size: 575,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 17,105 m2

    Construction Cost: 149,000,000 AED

    Starting Date: June, 2016

    Completion Date: December, 2017

    Affiliation: Mimar, WSP, Magda Mostafa

    Services Provided: Master Planning, Architecture & Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    The Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is the first complete integrated city that encourages creative ideas that take advantage of unprecedented opportunities to address important practical issues, such as equality, dignity, inclusion, empowerment, universal accessibility and safety, within a comprehensively designed environment.

    Having the privilege to work on this prestigious project by providing master planning, architectural /engineering design services, and interior design services has added great value to DAR AL OMRAN’s ever growing experience making DAR AL OMRAN the first Middle Eastern Consultant to obtain the know-how on designing an integrated city for people with disabilities.

    Even though the SCHS project is the first of its kind for DAR AL OMRAN to work on, we pride ourselves for obtaining a full grade from our Client on our performance on this project. With team effort, we were able to nourish, encourage, and maintain our internal differences to produce a product that not only integrated smart solutions in technical design, but also used state of the art technology to utilize space, enabling us to exceed the expectations of our Client.


  • Plot Size: 113,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 282,405 m2