“DAR AL OMRAN Bridging Scholarship” is a private initiative by DAR AL OMRAN as a

    contribution to the local community as part of its CSR program. This initiative will allow one

    outstanding Jordanian student with diploma degree from the Faculty of Engineering Technology at

    Al Balqa’a University to presume education for a high degree in Al Balqa’a University in one

    engineering field; Civil, Mechanical or Electrical.



    To apply for DARA AL OMRAN Bridging Scholarship, please DOWNLOAD THIS FOR,, fill it and email it to the specified email at the form.




    ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers- University of Jordan Chapter is an organized group of civil engineering students that aims to prepare the students to enter the practical world. They were established in July 2015, such energetic and enthusiastic youth is what we need to support to enhance our resources and uplift up coming generations. Believing in the youth, DAR AL OMRAN has sponsored the 3rd Bridge Competition for the year 2017.




    As part of our core values at DAR AL OMRAN, being passionate about what we do, our team of professionals are our core assets, with their expertise, we grow and prosper.


    Our BIM specialist Eng. Habbas Almatan, structural engineer with eight years of experience, took the initiative in preparing and conducting an awareness introduction session about Building Information Modeling (BIM); which is the process of generating and managing building data during its entire life cycle, to a group of 60 students of all disciplines of engineering at the University of Jordan, with the support of an organized group of civil engineering students enrolled at the University of Jordan, named Civil Engineering Community (CEC).

    Eng. Habbas gave a thorough introduction of BIM, a new technology/system that has become a common market trend, that leads to efficiency and effectiveness in the design work process.



    BIM is the development and use of multi-faceted computer software data model to not only document a building design, but to simulate the construction operation of new capital facility or a recapitalized (modernized) Facility. The resulting BIM is a data rich object based, intelligent and parametric digital representation of the facility, from which appropriate views to various users’ needs can be extracted and analyzed to generate feedback and improvement of the facility design.





    Being part of the society, DAR AL OMRAN is committed to provide the local community support by offered free of charge, design services to charitable organizations in Jordan and the region for healthcare facilities, and cultural centers.

    DAR AL OMRAN has provided full design documents for Jenin Hospital in Palestine to Palestinian National Authority, a total built up area of 9,600 m2 with a Construction Cost of US $ 9,600,000 in year 2008.