Khaled Al Hasan Cancer CENTER


Location: Ramallah - Palestine

Client: PECDAR - Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction

Plot Size: 20,000 m2

Built-Up Area: 110,000 m2

Construction Cost: 121,000,000 USD

Starting Date: March 2017

Completion Date: December 2018

Joint Venture: (JCA : John Cooper Architecture, UK) &( CEP: Center OF Engineering & Planning, PAL)

Services Provided: Architectural, Structural, Electro Mechanical, Landscape & Interior Design – Medical Planning & Equipment


Project Description:


A Humanitarian project located in the heart of Ramallah, strategically positioned to ease the hardships of Palestinians in terms of cancer treatment. As the Client’s intention and objective is to create a center that shall act as a referral to all centers in the Middle East and the region, our design team aimed to fulfil Client’s requirement. Thus, having previous experience in the field and Healthcare sector in specific, DAR AL OMRAN was able to impress the Client with its Architectural Image. Acknowledging the importance of psychological healing as well as medical healing of patients, our team of engineers innovatively integrated green spaces within the design of the project itself, creating breathing areas for users to relax and enjoy natural sunlight without having to leave the hospital building.

The overall knowledge of our team in the latest technologies, and Client Management techniques improved our relationship with our Partners and Clients that we are proud to have.

 The center consists of 209 beds, hospital expansion is planned for extra 180 beds within the next 15 years as an expansion to cover the rising number of cancer patients who travel abroad to receive proper treatment. The gross area is approximately 110,000.00 m2, which consists of around 50,000.00 m2 of medical spaces. The other areas are divided between areas for services departments and areas that serve the hospital; which are 4 basements, two towers of 9 and 11 floors, podium of 5 floors outpatient clinics and other services of the hospital, plus the car parking