Demolition of Aqaba Main Port


Client: Aqaba development Corporation

Location: Aqaba, Jordan

Start Date: 2016


The aim of the project: Hand Over to the Developer the Site Equivalent to a Greenfield Site



Project Description:


Demolition and Contamination Clean Up of the Aqaba Main Port Existing Facilities


Service Provided:

 • Engineering Studies, Drawings and Reports, which include; Topographic and Bathymetric Survey, Data Collection stating the going on activities and services, Site Investigations to give a detailed description of all kinds of existing structures and facilities on shore and off shore, Environment Base Line which include Air quality, Benthic flora and fauna, Water quality, Onshore flora and fauna.

 • Preparing Tender Documents, which include:

 • Specifications describing demolition stages, demolition and transportation of dangerous materials, safety precautions, demolition of steel structures, how to deal with salvage materials…etc.

 • Bill of Quantities; includes for each structure quantities of demolished materials and salvage material, and cost estimate of demolishing work, and salvage materials value,

 • Conditions of Contract, which was modified out of FIDIC red book to suit the type of work.

 • Demolition and contamination clean utp report