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    Client: Ministry of Transport -  Jordan

    Location: Amman - Zarqa, Jordan

    Services Provided: Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, Tender Documents

    Construction Cost: N.A

    Starting Date: 2014

    Completion Date: Ongoing



    Project Description:


    The City of Amman has a population of about 2.8 million inhabitants and is expected to grow to over 5 million by 2025. The City of Zarqa, located about 20 km to the northeast of Amman, currently has a population of about 1 Million. Existing demand is high and is predicted to rise in future years. Public transport mode share along the corridor is over two thirds of the current demand, however, this demand is distributed on a multitude of modes, including large buses, medium buses, and service taxis.


    The main objective of this project is to conduct a feasibility study and detailed design for establishing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system connecting cities of Amman and Zarqa through Amman- Zarqa corrido.


    Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
    Location: Khour Omeryah - Yemen
    Services Provided: Engineering Design
    Construction Cost: N.A
    Starting Date: 2010
    Completion Date: 2011

    Project Description:


    The Consultant’s scope of work includes the following:

    1. Study of the project site environmental conditions

    2. Field reconnaissance, study of quarries for stones, rocks,supervision,

    monitoring of hydrographic, topographic surveys, and geotechnical investigations.
    3. Finalization (optimization) of the proposed pier general layout, basic designs

    based on the outputs of activities 1 and 2 above.

    4. Detailed design for all the elements of the proposedpier




    Client: Ministry of Public Works & Highway - Yemen

    Location:  Sana'a -Taiz - Yeme

    Services Provided: Feasibility Study, Highway Design &t Tender Documents

    Construction  Cost: N.A

    Starting Date: 2011
    Completion Date: 2016

    Project Description:66


    The Consultant is required to do an extensive field work; well-researched feasibility study and an elaborate detailed engineering design for upgrading and widening the existing 2-lanes to 4-lanes divided highway for total of 28 km in sever mountainous area.

    The scope of work of this Project shall be undertaken in three stages:

     • Preliminary Screening and Inception Stage

     • Detailed Design and Feasibility Study

     • Final Detailed Design and Feasibility Study & Tender Documents



     Client:  Ministry of Public Works and Highways
    Location: Taiz, Ibb, Dhamar, Al Dhamar, Al Bayda

    Services Provided:  Study &Design

    Construction cost: N.A
    Starting Date:: 2014

    Completion Date: 20164


    Project Description::


    Study and Design for 16 rural roads in Yemen,  total length is (239( km).


    The poor condition of the rural transport network in Yemen constitutes a major issue and an obstacle in the face of the poverty reduction efforts, and is considered a significant reluctance to economic growth. Moreover, additional factors have contributed to poverty such as high population growth, illiteracy, poor health, high unemployment, lack of infrastructure and inadequate access to social services



    The 21 Rural Roads project will have multi benefits for the community and the country, especially strategically and economically. It would boost the process of development and would pave the way for many living and social conditions to be enhanced. Access will be granted for tools and equipment for construction and maintenance, goods for markets, staff and experts for institutes and health care units, and so on. Vice versa, access would be granted for locals to connect with other areas allowing new opportunities.



    Dar Al-Omran developed a Feasibility, Socio-Economic, Preliminary Engineering Design Studies, Detailed Design and Tender Documents for the Rural Roads in the aforementioned governorates of Yemen



    Client: GIZ

    Country: Jordan

    Location within country: Zaatari Camp, Al Mafraq

    Start Date:10/2013

    Completion Date:02/2014

    Project Description:::


     The main tasks for the consultant will be to work out the entire technical tender documents, and supervise the construction for:

     • Approx 6 km construction of roads with open drainage channels on both sides

     • Road marking and signing as well as traffic signs as follows:

     • 1.8 km cleaning and improvement of an open existing drainage channel.



    Client: Hadramout Governorate
    Location:  Al- Shihir City - Yemen
    Services Provided: Integrated Development

    Cost: N.A
    Starting Date: 2012
    Completion Date: 2014



    Project Description:


    Shihir town is considered one of the main fish landing areas in Yemen. In 2003-2007 the government of Hadramout constructed the first stage of Al Shihir Fishing Harbour in order to enhance the local economy of the town especially fishermen.


    The consultancy services encompass number of challenging features; it covered comprehensive Sustainable practice covering the integrated components of Master planning, Marine Works, Infrastructure and Architectural design in a Marine environment, where a lot of opportunities and constraints existstrongly.


    Client: Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

    ​Location: Arab Countries
    Services Provided: Consultancy Services (Regional Planning Studies)
    Cost: US $ 84 Billion

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2012

    Project Description:


    The project consisted in the execution of a transport study aimed at systematizing, analyzing and planning infrastructural interventions directed at the creation of a railway network able to integrate the entire Arab world (all the member countries of the Arab League Countries were involved: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Mauritania, Somalia, PalestineDjibouti).


    This infrastructural work, involving a vast territory measuring 13.3 million km² including North Africa and a huge portion of the Middle East, represents one of the milestones of a more immense general project dedicated to economic development and improving the living conditions of about 278 million Arab Citizens.

  • 2012 - ZARQA - AZRAQ ROAD

    Client: MPW- Jordan
    Location: : Zarqa Azraq
    Services Provided: Design                                                                                                                                                                                                              Constructions Cost:6n US 63 million

    Completion Date: : 2012

    Project Description:::


    The project consists of up grading existing 60km 2-lane carriageway to 4-lane divide highway with 20m median, five interchanges have been introduced to provide directional flow of traffic exiting or leaving the highway, all drainage structures and all necessary utility crossing including telecommunication, electricity and sewer lines


    provided all design works including underpasses, overpasses, geometric design, preparing detailed design drawings and tendedocuments.:s


    Client: Jordan Airports Company

    Location: Amman Civil Airport, Marka - Jordan
    Services Provided: Design & Supervision
    Construction Cost: US $ 241 million

    Completion Date: 2013



    Project Description:


    The project consists of sporadic maintenance facilities Amman Civil Airport, as follows:

    1. Fox Apron
    Re-establishment of part of the marina and by removing some of the layers from the marina to the implementation of the excavation a and replaced Pferxiat of dirt and asphalt layers approximate area of approximately (4000 M2).

    2. Runway
    Remove and scrape part of the existing asphalt layer on the runway and replaced with asphalt layer approximate area "9000M2", and perform maintenance to another part of the runway  approximate area "12000 m2" and placing asphalt materials "Sealing Coat" and packaged in the required places of the runway.

    3. Internal streets at the airport
    Implementation of street maintenance interior include removing piers list and replaced berths Islands centrist with the implementation of lines for sanitation, and storm water drainage and raise the fountains of the list to the level of asphalt layer created "Over Lay" and planning for these streets with the development pillars trafficnecessary.





    Client: Ministry of Public Works and Highways – Yemen

    Location: Yemen

    Cost:US $ 240 Million
    Completion Date:  2016

    Project  Description


    The Consultant is required to do an extensive field work, well-researched feasibility study and an elaborate detailed engineering design to upgrade the pavement and improve the geometric design of the Sana'a-Al-Hodeidah Road to the ESCWA standards for mountainous roads.

    Total length of the road is approximated to be 142 km.

    The scope of work of this Project shall be undertaken in three stages:

     • Techno economic study, to include

     • Execution stage, to include

     • Final Design (detailed design) and completion stage & Tender Documents

    The scope of work of the Project also requires the provision of a training program





     Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Multi-  Use Complex - 5th  CIRCLE

    Client: I.Khatib & Partner Real Estate Developers

    Location:-5th Circle, Amman -  Jordan
    Services Provided: Technical  proposal and provide the employer documents and maps, information and statistics for the study of traffic in coordination with the relevantofficial0Cost:eN.A
    Completion  Date:2010

    Project Description:


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of the generated traffic of Injaz project. The proposed project is

    Located on the south east corner of the Fifth Circle. It is bounded by Zahran Street from the north and by

    Mohammad Ali Street from the west, The project would consist of:

     • 5 basement floors;

     • Ground floor

     • 14 floors

    The total area of the project is 65,500m²,, including underground parking with a capacity of 371 parking Spaces.

    The. proposed design offers drop off areas in the main plaza of the project.





     Client: A member of LAFARGE

    Location::Amman -  Jordan

    Services Provided: Technical proposal and  provide the employer documents and maps, information and statistics for the study of traffic in coordination with the relevant official.
    Cost N.A7Starting:Date 2007:Completion Date: 2009



    Project Description:

    Select  the following key elements:

    1. Truck Park, entry and exit from the factory
    2. Attitudes of staff, visitors and staff buses
    3. Traffic to and from the crusher gypsum
    4. The organization of truck waiting in the packing
    5. Identification and design of the street between the silo (Silo) and the new fuel tanks
    6. Clarifying the features of the road in the area laundries, car maintenance
    7. Regulate traffic in the yard between the entrance to the staff and administration building. The arena is located between the administration and mobilization




    Client::Greater Amman Municipality

    Location:  Greater Amman Municipality, Wadi As-Seir and Al-Kurse-Jordan

    Services: Provided: Detailed Design and Tendere Documents.
    Cost: US: $4.9emillion
    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2009

    Project Description:


    Length of Road = 4 km (2 km with 4 lanes, 2 km with 6 lanes)


    The Design includes 3 at-grade intersections, one grade-separated intersection with a bridge (one span,50m),0 one culvert under the road (length = 3 km). Works include lighting, surface drainage, and other services



    Client: Public  Transport Regulatory Commission (PTRC)

    Location:  All Governorates (10 Governorates) except Amman and Aqabe - Jordan)

    Cost: N.A

    Completion Date::2009

    Project Description:


    The project is focused on the extent to which the taxi fleet should be resized to serve current and future demand for taxis in each governorate included in the Scope of Work.


    In the first stage of the Project, the Client (i.e. PTRC) seeks to know the adequacy of the existing taxi fleet in each governorate. This is to gain an understanding whether the current taxi fleet is too small or too large.


    In the second stage, the PTRC wants to know the likely future demand for taxi services for each governorate out to 2014.


    Services Provided

     • Analysis of the socio-economic indicators of the selected 10 governorates that are included in the study

     • Analysis of the survey-collected data that comprises the following samples:

     • Passenger interview

     • Driver interview

     • Vehicle owner interviews

     • Analysis of traffic composition counts on key streets in main cities of the investigated governorates

     • Developing taxi demand model

    Applying the developed model to predict taxi demand for the next 5 year





    Assignment Name: Traffic Impact Study Proposal for Abdoun Housing Project

    Name of Client: I.Khatib Office


    Cost: N.A

    Completion Date: 2008

    Project Description::


    This technical proposal is drafted to conduct a traffic impact study for the Abdoun Housing complex Project Amman.

    The proposed site is in Abdoun in proximity of American Embassy. It is located along Prince Ali Bin AL Hussein Street in the south and Dimashq Street in the north.

    The design project area is 29,000 m2 built over an area of 14,250 dunoms. It is designed to accommodate 163 apartments (each of 112 m2). The design provides 205 parking spaces.


    Services Provided

    Technical proposal and provide the employer documents and maps, information and statistics for the study of traffic in coordination with the relevant official.


  • 2010 - (TIS) - FOOD CITY MALL



    Assignment Name: Traffic Impact Study Food City Supermarket Project

    Country: Jordan

    Location within Country: Swaileh

    Cost: N.A

    Name of Client: Alyaser Department Stores Co.Ltd

    Completion Date: 2010

    Project Description::


    This technical proposal is drafted to conduct a traffic impact study for the Food City mall in Sweileh of Amman.

    The immediate study area surrounding the property of the proposed project is comprised of the road network surrounded by Amman- Salt Road.

    Six intersections are included within the study area





    Assignment Name: Al-Quds Junction – Zara / Mai’n Intersection

    Name of Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

    Location within country: Jordan Valley Near Dead Se - Jordan
    Services Provided: Construction Supervision.
    Cost: US $ 16,700,000aStartingt Date:2003

    Completion Date:2005



    Construction of 12 Km primary 4 lane divided highway with 4.5 Km service road, including the construction of four bridges with related protection works, three of them are post-tensioning girder bridges of 100m total length each,

    works further included 43 Box and pipe culverts, in addition to the pavement lagers, drainage structures and safety works (such as road signs, pavement marking, roadway markers and grouted riprap)






    Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing – Jordan

    Location: Al-Mafraq - Jordan Construction Cost: 11,286,000USD
    Completion Date: 2008



    Project Description:


     The Project aims at the construction of  at-grade intersection at the University of Al-Bait to serve as an additional entrance for the City of Mafraq and the University of Al-Bait.

    The Project is composed of the construction of an upper bridge on the main road Al-Mafraq/ Syrian Borders with a roundabout and in and out lanes (to and from the roundabout), while maintaining the E-ramp directed to Al-Safawi. The works include the construction of a median, storm water drainage, traffic signals, paintings, and a detour on the international road.

    The main works are:

     • Miscellaneous works

     • Retaining walls

     • Cut and fill works

     • Concrete works

     • Asphalt related works

     • Protective barriers, signals, road painting,

     • Detouring works and all traffic safety measures





    Assignment Name: Huwwara – Assarih Interchange Project

    Name of Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing – Jordan

    Country: Jordan

    Location within country: JUST - Yarmouk University Road – Irbid

    Construction Cost: 9,000,000 USD

    Start Date: July 2007

    Completion Date: May 2008



    Narrative Description of Project:


    Design of grade interchange which consist of fly over bridge of four spans each of 35 m, and round about.

    Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:


    Design and Tender Documents.






    Darb Al-Mashaer Project


    Client  : Makkioun

    Location  : Makkah- Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided : Master Planning

    Starting Date  : 2006

    Completion Date : 2008

    Construction Cost : US $800,000,000


    Project Description:


    Four kilometers to the East of Al Haram al-Shareef in the most sacred spot in the Islamic World (Makkah) lays the site of this project.

    This site is considered as continuity to Al Mashaaer in Mina, where the pilgrimage takes place every year.

    The concept of this project which consists of one million square meters built up area on a site of 20,000 m2, is to provide housing, hotels, souks, (Markets) transportation terminal, parking, offices and other facilities for both local community and visitors from all over the world, while maintaining the main pedestrian spine that penetrates the site leading pilgrimages form Mina to Al Haram.





    Assignment Name: Queen Alia International Airport Highway

    Name of Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

    Country: Airport Road- Amman

    Approx. value of the contract: 27,170,000 JD

    Start Date: 14/12/2008

    Completion Date: Ongoing



    Narrative Description of Project:


    Supervision of the Construction and Rehabilitation of Queen Alia International Airport Highway from Na’ur Intersection till Madaba Intersection and Construction of Service Road (Part B)


    Improvement of part of the Queen Alia International Airport Road a distance of 10.5 km and increasing the number of lanes as 3 lanes in one direction, and the service roads (4 lanes) on either side of the airport road and link road service with the airport road intersections of the same level or corridors lower number (4) as well as to the establishment of pedestrian bridges and pedestrian sidewalks, and replacement of the existing drainage channel in the median internal shoulders of the road and a concrete barrier work includes improvements to the road. This is in addition to the implementation of the work of lighting and traffic diversions and all required traffic safety work and the work of planting trees and coordination of the site.


    Works also include:

    - Retaining walls

    - Sub-base and base coarse

    Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:


    Construction Supervision.




     Detailed Design and Tender Documents for Abdoun Corridor Street/ Al-Qayseyye

    Client: Greater Amman Municipality

    Services Provided: Designe and Tender Documents
    Cost: N.A9Starting:Date:e2008


    Project Description::


    Length of Road = 6 km (4km with 6 lanes, 2km with 4 lanes)


    Works include the design of services road and parallel parking (car stops), at-grade intersections, grade-separated intersection, two  bridges with a length of 75 m on a 6-lane road, and a length of 50 m on a 4-lane road




     Design Works of Hammamat Ma'een  Mkawer - Royal Road Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing Location:: Hammamat Ma'een -Mkawe - Jordan
    Services Provided: Design & Tender Documents

    Cost:6US $ 3.7 million

    Completion Date: 2008

    Project Description::


    Length of Road = 17 km, No. of lanes = 2

    The Project was divided into two Phases: first Phase with a length of 6 km and the second Phase with a length of 10 k





    Assignment Name: Traffic Study for Zahran Gate Project

    Client: Eng. Hisham Ahmad Musa Zahran


    Country: Amman-Jordan
    Services Provided: Technical proposal and provide the employer documents and maps, information and statistics for the study of traffic in coordination with the relevant official8

    Cost: N.

    Completion Date:2008

    Project Description:


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of traffic generated by Zahran Gate that is planned to be constructed at the ramp that connects Queen Zain Al Sharaf Street Queen Alia International airport road (Figure 1). It is a six storey building with a total area of 15,910m²,, including a 4-storey underground parking (8,010m²).. The function of the proposed building is providing offices and the related services. The leased area is limited to 5,485m²2 (Table 1). Two access points were planned. The first access is directly at the ramp, with enough consideration is given to provide enough length for vehicle queuing at the entrance at peak hours. However, this access was not approved by Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) technical staff. According to GAM, access to the front side of the building can be provided only within the building premises. The second access is located in the backstreet, which serves also loading and loading traffic





    Client: Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA)

    Location:: Jerash, Karak, Madab - Jordan

    Cost: US $ 18 million

    Starting  Date: 2006

    Completion Date:2007

    Narrativee Description of Project:


    Detailed Design for Jerash, Karak and Madaba

    The main Specific Project Objective of the Project is to improve local economic growth, social cohesion, and municipal governance in the historic cities of Jerash, Karak and Madaba, by endowing these historic cities with revitalized and well functioning urban centres. This aim has a good chance of being achieved due to the high tourist potential of the three areas, whose development is a major precondition for the general development of the three urban areas.

    The compatibility of urban development with cultural heritage conservation and appropriate use has to be the main concern of planners and has to lead all plans, programmes and projects, including urban infrastructures. The three cities in question, Jerash, Karak, and Madaba have in common a number of features. One of the key problems affecting all the medium-sized cities in Jordan is the decay of the urban environment. In fact, urban space is threatened by physical decay, traffic and parking congestion, lack of appropriate management and visual clutter.


    Services Provided:

     • Assistance in Physical Planning.

     • Street and parking rehabilitation and furnishing

     • Traffic Studies

     • Footpaths pavement and stairs rehabilitation and furnishing.

     • Street lighting,

     • Electrical power supply,

     • Telecommunication works.

     • Water, Wastewater and drainage networks rehabilitation,

     • Vertical and horizontal traffic signalization.

     • Landscaping.





     Feasibility Study & Detailed Design for Rural Access Road Project

    Client: Ministry of Public Works and Highways

    Location:: Al Mahaweet Governorate / Hajjah Governorate – Yemen

    Construction Cost: $US5$-35  million

    Completion Date: 2006

    Project Description::


    The objective of this project is to provide feasibility study, detailed design and bidding documents for 6 rural roads in Al Mahweet Governorate with a total length of 104 km, and 2 rural roads in Hajjah Governorate with a total length of 100 km, the grand total length of all rural roads is 204



    Services Provided

    Preliminary Screening including:

     • Reconnaissance Route Survey

     • Social Survey

     • Route Alternatives

     • Project Reconnaissance Surveys

    Detailed Design & Feasibility Study:

     • Economic Analysis

     • Environmental and Social Analysis

     • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

     • Bidding Documents




    Client: Aqaba Development Corporation.

    Location: Aqaba

    Services Provided Supervision.

    Construction Cost:US0  1.9 million
    Completion Date: 2006




    The establishment of three yards to regulate the movement of trucks on the road to Aqaba back in three different locations the principle items of work included:

    Clearing and grubbing of the area

    all earth works

    the construction of all necessary drainage structures including pipe and box culverts, ditches, channels, protection works, drainage facilities and grouted riprap

    the construction of a parking area, granular sub-base, aggregate base, coarse, bituminous concrete binder and wearing courses

     • steel guardrail

     • all miscellaneous - related works such as road signs, pavement marking, roadway markers, etc.

     • paved islands and fence




     Construction Supervision of Madinat Al Sharq - Yemen

    Client: Ministry of Public Works and Highways

    Location:: Madinat Al Sharq-/Yemen
    Services Provided: Construction - Supervision

    Completion Date: 2007

    Project Description::


    Madinat Al Sharq-Al Daleel Project consists of approximately 65 km road starting at Madinat Al Sharq city, and ends near Al Daleel town. The road will connect Al Daleel town in Ibb Governorate located 71 km from Sana’a on Sana’a Road with Madinat Al Sharq city located 45 km west of Ma’aber city on Ma’aber –Bajil Road.

    The road crosses Dhamar-Al Hussainiyah Road at Utma town, approximately 65 km south west of Dhamar.

    The Project also includes the construction of Irish Crossing with a length of 300m


  • 2004 - AMRAN - ADEN ROAD


     Client: Ministry of Public Works and Highways

    Location: Amran, Taizz -  Yemen

    Services Provided: Feasibility Study,,Detailed Design and Tender Documents

    Cost:400 MillionStarting3Date-2003

    Project Description::


    Part I from Amran to Dhamar

    Feasibility Study, Detail design & Tender Documents of a 150 km freeway from Amran City to Dhamar. The Project is composed of many intersections where bridges are either underpass or overpass The freeway will be 6 lane divided highway fully controlled access with 18 grade separation and several wadi bridges.


    Part III from Taizz to Aden Feasibility Study, Detail design & Tender Documents of a 153 km freeway from Taiz City to Aden. The Project is composed of many intersections where bridges are either underpass or overpass. The freeway will be a 6-lane divided highway fully controlled access with 12 grade separation and several wadi bridges





    Project Name : The Ghour Al-Safie Road Project

    Client : The Ministry of Public Works and Housing

    Location : Industrial City - Customs Wadi Araba

    Date : 2004 - 2005

    Services Provided :  Supervision

    Construction Cost : 2.15 Million $





    Supervising the implementation of the removal for Ghor Alsaffie Road

    Works Included construction of a 7.7 km primary 4 lane divided highway with road median. The works included also the construction of 32 box culvert, lighting works, traffic signage and grand rail.


  • 2002 - WADI MUSA  - BRIDGE


    Client Water Authority - Jordan
    Location: Wadi Muse-f Jordan

    Services Provided: Construction-Supervision

    Cost: 300,000$
    Completion Date: 2002

    Project Description::


    This project consists of the supervision of construction for a two spans, 30m long R.C. bridge decorated by stone facade to provide a natural historic look to suit the local architecture and heritagn

  • 2002 - WADI MUSA ROAD


     Client: Water  Authority of Jordan

    Location: Wadi Mus - Jordana

    Cost:1,140,000 $Starting1Date-2001
    Completion Date:n2002

    Project Description:


    This project consists of the supervision of construction for a 3.4 Km road between Ein El Beida to the treatment plant in Wadi Musa, and a 30m R.C bridge decorated by stone façade. The work included also the supervision of storm drainage system network for the road and bridge.

    Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

    Construction Supervision





    Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

    Location: Karak - Qatrane9 -Jordan1

    Services Provided: Construction Supervision

    Construction Cost:US0$ 2.8 million
    Starting Date 1999
    Completion Date: 2001




    The purpose of the project is to supervise the construction of the new road between Karak and Qatraneh. The total length of the road is 11 km. The works also included road shoulders, connection and links to secondary roads, crossings, and an interchange, excavations, avement works, paintings, gurad rails, cats eyes and miscellaneou





    Client: Ministry of Public Works & Housing

    Location: Madaba Um Al AmadRoadt/ At  Airportroad5 -Jordan8

    Services Provided: Construction Supervision

    Construction Cost:US0$ 8 million
    Starting Date 1995
    Completion Date: 1998

    Project Description:


    The purpose of this project is to construct a new road between Madaba & Um Al amad at the airport road (at Yadoodeh Bridge).

    The total length of this road 14.50 kms with 4 lanes in the two direction including a median at the middle with 2.40 ms width in additional to shoulder, total width of the road 21.80 ms