Believing in design solutions that are compatible with Client’s needs and project location environments, DAR AL OMRAN well versed team of experienced architects are constantly working to provide flexible, pleasant and functional residential facilities designs that integrate with the surrounding communities.

Through its rich portfolio of international and regional housing projects, DAR AL OMRAN has developed several architectural models and building systems to accommodate different living paradigms, which offer a comfortable style of living and beneficial facilities to all members and their guests.






    Client: Jordan Cement Factory Company

    Location: Al-Fuhais & Al-Rashadia - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area:45,300am²2

    Construction Cost: US $ 13,000,000

    Starting Date: 1982 Design - 1984 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1983 Design - 1986 Supervision



    Project Description:


    The Cement Factory Housing project consists of 120 units located in Fuhais and 85 in Al Rashidiya, both units provide their residence with privacy and luxury with facilities including a commercial centre and a mosque in each area, with a comprehensive infrastructure, and the mountain nature of the areas helped facilitate terraces and open courtyards


    The design was inspired by combining both contemporary and traditional architecture design that provides a sense of contemporary urban formations; the Cement Factory Housing units comprises of several buildings that are clustered together in repetitive design prototypes forming an integrated housing community.






    Client:: The Municipality of Town Planning Department

    Location:: Al Ain - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 60,0000m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $ 50,000,000

    Starting Date:: 1996

    Completion Date:: 1997



    Project Description:


    The intention of this project is to fulfill the urgent need to accommodate the increasing number of foreigner employees coming to Dubai. The project consists of 500 housing units, 200 units for singles, and 300 units for married tenants, in addition to a mosque and a market in the center, with the required community services. The design concept project creates courtyards for each housing unit, while each complex of housing units are grouped around another communal yard forming a small quarter. The groups of quarters are in turn connected to each other by a main street leading to the mosque and the green area that acts as a natural element separating the married tenant’s zone from the single tenant’s zone.





    Client:: Association of Bethlehem University

    Location:: Bethlehem

    Services Provided: Design
    Total Built-up Area: 35,0000m²

    Construction Cost:: US $ 7,000,000

    Starting Date:: 1997

    Completion Date:: 199



    Project Description:


    The project is located on an inclined site of (25% slope), in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. The project components include 250 (duplextype)) villas, in addition to the community services buildings, including commercial facilities, a mosque, school, and other buildings. The project also includes the design of two prototypes of villas each(140m²)) two-storey, with 3-bedrooms and other living areas. The emphasis in the project is in resolving the problems of slope and the distribution of units on the site, taking in consideration the social and cultural dimensions of the community as well as the urban morphology and architectural character of the city and its region.





    Client:: Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Charity Found.

    Location:: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
    Services Provided: Design Competition
    Total Built-up Area: 108,500:m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $ 120,000,000

    Starting Date:: 1998

    Completion Date:: 1999



    Project Description:


    Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Services aims to create a closely knit urban fabric while respecting the different aspects of the environmental, social and human aspects in this type of development in the city of Riyadh, in order to reflect contemporary living requirements.

    The Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Services residential complex offers many services to its local community and its surrounding environment, where it includes villas, apartments, and studios in various sizes that surround a central communal oasis, inspired by the vocabulary, details and finishes of the local Najdi traditional architecture.





    Client:: Raka Company

    Location:: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area :7,500m²

    Construction Cost:: US $ 4,000,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 1999


    Project Description:


    Located in the central district of Al-Riyadh city, this complex of furnished apartments is divided into five types of villa-like units organized within a village type setting. The sizes of these units range from one bedroom to four bedrooms with private garden areas for each unit. At the center of this development is a multipurpose club with a swimming pool and other social and sport facilities covered with a high-tech tensile tent. The project's image with its combination of Mediterranean and local architectural elements reflects the need to provide an attractive environment for western expatriates living in Riyadh, with a common recreation and landscape settings all within an enclosed compound.







    Client: Metropole Group

    Location: Beirut - Lebanon

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area:a73,000:m²2

    Construction Cost: US $ 55,000,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 199



    Project Description:


    Located in the heart of Beirut, the Metropole Beirut project is inspired as a residential and commercial complex with several urban streets and parking lots wrapped around it with a sweeping view of the water front corniche and a seaboard

    In an attempt to design a project that addresses the Beirut real estate market opportunities and constrains, this feasible strong signature building is located in the heart of Beirut and consists of seven stories of luxurious apartments with an areaof 30,505 m²,,  a state-of-the-art shopping mall at three stories below, and a parking garage with an areaof533,675 m²..


  • 1999-WADI SALEH



    Client: Jerusalem Engineering Establishment

    Location: Jerusalem - Palestine

    Services Provided:: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 6,000:m²2

    Construction Cos  : US $ 700,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 199



    Project Description:


    The location of this project on a hilly site at the outskirts of Jerusalem is symbolic of the Palestinians' efforts at reasserting their presence in the city against overwhelming Israeli settlements. The project includes housing units of two stories,at 1302m²²  each, as well as a school and infrastructure facilities. The development offers a culturally and ecologically sensitive community, which satisfies market demands while providing a human environment inspired by the architectural heritage of the region. It provides an intricate system of articulated building masses, courtyards, alleyways and urban clusters that relate to the nature of the site, and echo the image and atmosphere of a Palestinian village.







    Client  : Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

    Location:: Aqaba - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 131,990:m²

    Construction Cost: US $ 75,000,000

    Starting  Date: 2002

    Completion Date:2002



    Project Description:


    Based on the master development plan of the city of Aqaba and in an attempt to relocate five hundred low income families living in area of Al-Shalaleh to a better residential area, Aqaba Housing was inspired from various studies conducted, and which aided in selecting the most appropriate site for this project, while taking into consideration the urban and social context

    Through providing three design alternatives; residents will have the opportunity to choose the type that better suite the family, and which contribute to enriching the cultural and social dimensions and will contribute to social and economic connection in Aqaba.





    Client:: Emaar

    Location:: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Tota lArea:160,0000m²2

    Construction Cost:t US $ 180,000,000

    Starting Date:: 2005

    Completion Date: 2005



    Project Description:


    Located within a historic area of Wadi Abu Jmeel, in the heart of Beirut City, this luxury residential complex consists of a cluster of apartment blocks with distinguished articulation and a skillful play of levels, sitting on top of three basement levels of parking and services. The design promotes an outward character by the use of several balconies each commanding a different vista, appreciating the built and natural environment of the city. The façade is also treated with different layers by using a stone envelope over the stucco walls. The design looks inwards to the interlinked plazas that seem to evolve almost organically. The design achieves a unique synthesis of modern technology and materials with a strong traditional Beirut architectural style.






    Client:: Emaar

    Location:: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Area:160,0000m²2

    Construction Cost : US $ 180,000,000

    Starting Date:: 2005

    Completion Date: 2005



  • 2005-DAR AL-IQAMAH


    Client:: Al Dar

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Service provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 175,300:m²

    Construction Cost:: US $ 270,000,000

    Starting Date: 2005

    Completion Date:2005



    Project Description:


    The built-up environment of the traditional Islamic city was mostly achieved through the accumulative individual and community decisions navigated and monitored by urban key authorized decisive persons such as Al-Qadi and Al-Muhtasib, and influenced by the generally harsh climatic conditions. The residential clusters mainly usually situated at the end of a hierarchal neighborhood system of streets and urban spaces, surrounding semi-private courtyards, around which identical and related communities gathered. Aldar (Aldar from Alda’ira, which means the circle) is the end unit of the urban structure; it represented an Islamic as well as an environmental concept about residential dwellings encompassing a courtyard (Fina’a). Aldar was also a social and cultural as well as physical expression. It represented the concept of introverted architecture.

    The district is expected to provide housing for about 1,912 people and it is divided into several clusters; each one is concentric around an open space that in turn represents the open safe, environmentally sheltered community activity. These open spaces are more like semi-private courtyards shared between few buildings, which help in the micro-climate control issue.






    Client:   : Aqaba - Special Economic Zone Author Location  : Wadi Rum - Jordan

    Service Provided: Urban Planning - Building Design

    Total built Area 500,000 m²

    Construction Cost : US $ 10,000,000

    Start Date  : 2005

    Completion Date : 2008



    Project Description


    This project is spread over a site of 500,000 m².  The concept is based on the interaction with the primary site characteristics, of Wadi Rum.

    The Project's scope of work included, urban design of the site area, with particular reference to the need for a connection between the new village and the old one, in addition to the architectural design for various components including Mosque, School, Administrative Building, and Residential Units habitants.

    The architectural image reflects the heritage of the region while blending with the organic nature of site.






    Client: Mohammad Al Ghanem Group

    Location: Al Jubail – Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided:: Concept Design

    Total Built-up Area: 105,000m²2

    Construction Cost : US $113,550,000

    Starting Date:: 2008

    Completion Date: 2009



    Project Description:


    The project is located on the northwest coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Al-Jubail. In this industrial area was an urgent need to have project make a transfer to a beautiful place which will be respectable from the citizens.  The project (consisting  of several commercial and residential buildings) wraps around an artificial lake circular shape. The nine buildings contains shops , cafes, restaurants in the ground and mezzanine floor of the building while the four typical floors of residential apartments ( 2, 3, 4 bedrooms apartments).

    The east coast of the Arabian Gulf Architecture style has been selected by the designer to emphasize on the architectural vocabulary by using barjeel and typical doors and windows . a nice circular entertainment plaza has been implemented to create a common place where everybody can use it.





    Client:: Dubai Properties

    Location:: Dubai - United Arab Emirate

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area::  250,000m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $ 340,000,000

    Starting Date:: 2007

    Completion Date:: 200



    Project Description:


    The project is envisaged as a sequence of vital lively events moving through the urban open spaces, enriched by the serene and pleasant atmosphere created by the golf course, the project is expected to create a unique residential development with luxury signature villas and apartments offering exclusive golf front living. The project will attract residents of variable backgrounds from local, regional and international origins.
    Thee signature villas and apartment buildings of sector – C- encompass 47 villas and 28 apartment buildings expected to embrace 800 apartments, sector –C- extends between the Cairo downtown to the south-east and Baghdad downtown to the west, approaching to Damascus downtown to the north. The challenge of this design was to create an integrated architectural solution presented in a contemporary and innovative approach






    Client:: Diyar Al - Muharraq

    Location: South Island / Muharraq - Bahrain

    Services Provided: Concept Design & Schematic

    Total Built-up Area: 22   - 250m²2 / Villa

    Construction Cost:: US $ 500,000 / Villa

    Starting Date:: 2009

    Completion Date: 2009



    Project Description:


    The project is located in south island of al – Moharraq contains 200 villas as affordable housing for Bahraini citizens  Villas designed to suit life in the Gulf of Bahrain in terms of the distribution of internal spaces. The exterior design was in line with the traditional Bahraini architecture in contemporary shape. The villas include 3-4 bedrooms having side courtyard which most of the rooms open to this court to gain light and ventilation. However the project was part of master plan designed to accommodate hundreds of Bahraini families






    Client:: Sorouh properties

    Location:: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirate

    Services Provided: Concept&d Schematic Design

    Total Built-up Area: 109,700m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $ 81,000,000

    Starting Date: 2009

    Completion Date: 2010



    Project Description:


    The design philosophy was based on creating an original experience, which enhances the place attachment, encourages the sense of community and gives more secured and peaceful feeling to users and residents. The understanding of the current trends, needs, preferences and lifestyle of Emirati Families led to a flexible design strategy that aims to satisfy a wiser category of Emirati people in terms of planning, style, and landscape, the approach proposed three architectural styles for the different courthouse-based villas; Islamic, Gulf and modern style. For each type of villas with its central court, the design aimed to ensure the best functionality of the villa taking into consideration of the best efficiency to conform to the goals and the objectives of this project






    Client:: Ministry of Presidential Affairs

    Location:: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

    Service Provided: Concept Design

    Total Built up Area: (OP1) 90,461m²2 -  (OP2) 95,396m²2

    Construction Cost : (OP1) US$ 100,000,000 - (OP2) US$ 110,000,000

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 201



    Project Description



    The design presented for mixed-use building complex in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, near the Khalifa Park, the Private Residential Building Complex includes residences, retail and offices

    Five buildings reside in The Private Residential Building Complex; consisting of four buildings comprising of a ground floor, a mezzanine floor and nine residential floors, the fifth building comprises of a ground floor, mezzanine floor and six residential floors, where all five buildings are joined together through the parking area; noting that each building offers separate parking floors in underground floors for its users






    Client:: Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed

    Location:: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirate

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 15,440m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $ 17,000,000

    Starting Date: 2011

    Completion Date:: 2011



    Project Description:


    Stemming from the design philosophy which aims to achieve integrated solutions, the Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Residential Building was inspired by the idea of combining modernity with the Islamic and gulf traditional architecture design in the most convenient and comfortable manner that considers the social, climate and environmental aspects in the design


    The Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Residential Building consists of eight floors, distributed as a commercial ground floor and the remaining floors are apartments with various sizes. Furthermore; this building is serviced through three underground floor which include service and car parking.





    Client:: DAMAC

    Location:: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design review, Value Engineering,&  Supervision Services

    Total Built-up Area: 84,018m²

    Construction Cost  : US $ 70,000,000

    Starting Date  : 2011

    Completion Date  : On going



    Project Description:


    Stemming from the accumulated experience of DAR AL OMRAN  in design review and supervision services, the DAMAC Tower, along with its courtyard, were reviewed in order to achieve the highest level of design efficiency as well as the implementing principles and practices of value engineering


    Located in Abadali on two different streets levels, this helped create a second mezzanine floor with a consistent image of the building, The Tower and its Annex are L shaped, and the courtyard is U shaped. Moreover; the parking entrance/ exit is approached from the lower street which facilitates the connection to the infrastructure for Abdali District






    Client:: KEC

    Location:: Al-Madina Al-Monawara - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Concept Design

    Total Built-up Area: 65,000m²

    Construction Cost: US $ 52,000,000

    Starting Date: 2012

    Completion Date: 201



    Project Description


    The project located in Al Madina Al Monawara at eastern part of Al Haram Al Shareef. Consist of 18 residential buildings of approximate built up area65,0002m²  located on 4 main roads, the complex combined amenities and retails as well of approximate2,000.m².  The projectaimss to serve saudi residence as a second home in Al Madina in a gated community.

    The plot area is about26,000.m².  The max. coverage area in 50% 2.5 FAR. This community is surrounded by the main museum and mosque from the east and the villas from the north. The type of buildings reflect the tradition architecture of Hijas and the life style of Saudis