Regional, Urban Planning & Urban Design

Working with relevant specialists for each  project, be it economists, sociologist , ecologists, architects, utilities engineers, scientists, as well as real estate advisors, DAR AL OMRAN’s planning approach always links disciplines, places, people and strategic initiatives, with continuous endeavor of engaging stakeholders and the public as frequently as possible.

The community's own culture plays a significant role in the regional, urban and master planning process in order to create an enhanced urban environment and quality of life that is able to narrate the history and resonate the beautiful details of “place”, by forging consensus around visions, principles and strategic directions of each unique assignment.


  • 2006- Al Barari Project Phase II

    Al Barari: Development Project phase II


    Client: Abwab- Real Estate Company

    Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Planning Architectural and Landscape design.

    Total Built-up Area: 6,485,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 675 million

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2008



    Project Description:


    The second phase urban design strategy in Al-Barari city aims to create a refreshing oasis in the middle of the desert near Dubai Land, which offers a holistic set of services for residents and guests who wish to escape and seek a unique lifestyle in a sustainable environment.


    15 minutes away from Dubai, Al Barari Development Project includes freehold residential apartments, two boutique and business hotels, as well as a spa and a wellness resort, with a cultural center, botanical gardens along with retail and commercial facilities, which are all considered key components of this project.


  • 2006- Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi Housing Village

    Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi Housing Village


    Client: Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi Family Housing Village Administration (Regata)

    Location: Tripoli - Libya

    Services Provided: Urban Master Planning

    Site Area: 100 Hectare

    Construction Cost: US $ 200,000,000

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2008



    Project   Description:



    Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi Housing Village is part of the extension and rehabilitation of the master plan for the old village. With its distinctive façade on the sea, a pedestrian walk on the waterfront, and the presence of elements of water features within the urban fabric giving the village a new and unique character.

    This village consists of 820 housing units and villas along with hotel apartments with a capacity for 4100 residents. The Village is fully equipped with all the required infrastructure utilities that include a Marina, Jockey Club, coffee shops and restaurants, a golf course and a children's nursery, it also includes an office tower holding up to 15200 employees with a shopping mall located at the southern front façade facing the main road with a children nursery.


  • 2006- Aden Port Development Project


    Gold Mohor Beach


    Client: Port Cities Development Program (PCDP)

    Location: Aden Port - Yemen

    Services Provided: Urban Development,  Rehabilitation

    Total Built-Up Area: 50,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 770,000

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2007

    Main Consultant: Carl Bro



    Project Description:


    Gold Mohor Beach is around 700m long and a popular recreation and leisure area with Aden residents and visitors alike. The beach area varies in width between 35 to 110 metres. Key actions area to:

    Establish Beach Management Agency, Clean area/beach from rubbish,,Finalise the concept for beach.

    Establish community development programme. Seek partners for food court and other operators.

    Redesign car park/widening promenade. Design and implement 1st phase beach improvements - zoning

    (cafe/facilities, family area, sailing centre, beach volleyball) shade structures. Landscape beach.


  • 2006- Aqaba Region Land Use

    Aqaba Region Land Use


    Client: ASEZA Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

    Location: Aqaba Region - Jordan

    Services Provided: Land Use Strategies, GIS Maps & Reports

    Site Area: 6904.5 km2

    Construction Cost: US $ 45,000,000

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2007


    Project Description:


    The aim of this project is to Gathering, analyzing and documenting the information and studies about the existing conditions in Aqaba Region in order to prepare a Land use strategies and GIS maps to serve the region for the next 20 years. The study to divide the land according to its characteristic: agriculture, geology, tourism, urban, with all services like schools and hospitals …etc. and infra services like water, electricity and sewer …. Etc.

    Developing a sustainable strategy of the region for a long term period (20 years). Achieve balanced development within the region from the equivalent relationship between the Centre and the parties.

    Reduce the disparity of negative economic and social level between Aqaba region and ASEZA.

    Optimum utilization of natural resources and increase potentials available in the region.

    Preserve the agricultural land as much as possible, adequate with the available water resources.

    Stop the flow of resettlement from rural to urban zone.

    Improve the quality of life and raise the standard of living of the residents in the region.

    Raise the efficiency of transportation and communications prevent the indiscriminate proliferation of the population.

  • 2007- Al – Fateh & Nassir Universities

    Al – Fateh & Nassir Universities


    Client: ODAC

    Location: Tripoli - Libya

    Services Provided: Urban Master Planning

    Site Area: (335) Hectare

    Construction Cost: US $ 700,000,000

    Starting Date: 2007

    Completion Date: 2008




    Project Description:


    Rehabilitation of Al – Fateh (scientific Faculties) & Nasser ( Art Faculties ) Universities Master plan including removal of group of existing buildings & renovation of other group & other group & construction of new buildings ( about 70 academic & administrative buildings) . The studies included rehabilitation of traffic, landscape, infrastructure networks & utilities together with evaluation of existing situation including area survey, functions, structural conditions, photographical survey & existing water, sewage, electricity, telephone, roads & parking area networks & utilities.


  • 2007- Development of Albjeri Central Area

    The Development of Central Area


    Client: Riyadh Development Authority

    Location: Dereyyah - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Architectural Design & Landscaping and Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 35,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 44,800,000

    Starting Date: 2007 Design  -  2009 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2009 Design -  2012 Supervision



    Project Description:


    The project aims to revive Albjeri area through maintaining its culture and rich history, the Development of Central Area Project emerges as a bridge connecting past and present with future visions and aspirations to create a contemporary yet traditional developed area.

    Maintaining the location of the existing tower; the use of visual spines directed to Turaif, makes it visible for people to enjoy from different locations; creating a combination between the new and old, and taking into consideration the climate and agricultural nature of the area whilst maintaining the buildings' original functions, creating an environmentally suitable setting for the residence of Riyadh to relax in.


  • 2008- Zara Dead Sea Resort

    Zara Dead Sea Resort


    Client: Jordan Dubai Properties

    Location: Dead Sea - Jordan

    Services Provided: Urban Planning Study

    Total Built-up Area: 154,000 m2

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2010

    J.V: TPA



    Project Description:


    The project is located at the Dead Sea shore far from Hotels area for about 22 Km .The Dead Sea is one of the most unique features on planet Earth. Between this spot in Jordan and Mount Everest in the Himalayas, lays the rest of the world. When you submerge yourself to the neck in the water of the Dead Sea, you would be in the lowest point the face of Earth – 416 meters below the shores of the Mediterranean The project mainly is a mixed use development consists of 3 Hotel buildings, Health club spa, Residential, Retail area & Restaurants


  • 2008- Hudayriat Island Master Plan

    The Hudayriat Island Master Plan


    Client: UPC

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Urban & Master Planning - Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 25,000 km2

    Construction Cost: US $ 50 million

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2008



    Project Description:


    Redefining the traditional island while incorporating a more eco-friendly and harmonious environment, the Hudayriat Island Master Plan with a total site area of 25000 km2, and reflects the historical and cultural values of the region set by H.H Shiekh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan back in the 1960s.

    The Hudayriat Island Master Plan emphasizes the relationship between land and sea, the Master Plan inspires naturally shaped islands that embody the subterranean sea life formations, which are a proof of the harmony and integration within the ecological system.


  • 2008- Heart Of Doha

    Heart of Doha – Architecture & Urban Competition


    Client: Doha Land

    Location: Doha - Qatar

    Services Provided: Architecture & Urban Competition

    Total Area: 136,600 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 288,000,000

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2008



    Project Description:


    DAR AL OMRAN succeeded to have a prominent place in the Heart of Doha Design Competition as one of the final ten nominees with world famous architectural firms taking part in designing the urban project in DownTown Doha.

    Through inspiring elegant, innovative, and contemporary buildings, within this new sustainable urban environment; and setting a benchmark in the Arab Gulf representing the essence of the Heart of Doha design model in contemporary style that combines the heritage with modern in a well-balanced urban setting.


  • 2008- Diar Damascus

    Diar Damascus


    Client: Diar Qatari (Syrian Government)

    Location: Damascus - Syria

    Services Provided: Concept Design for Urban Development (Competition - The Winning Proposal)

    Total Area: 4,680,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 4,342,000,000

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2008

    J.V. / Associate: WSP



    Project Description:


    Diar Damascus project represents a comprehensive master plan vision to develop the new central business district and keeping it attached to the old city of Damascus; that accommodates the increased need for new offices and houses, while linking the old city’s existing networks.

    By creating a dynamic and sustainable environment, the project aims to enhance the built environment in the Capital Damascus, while taking inspiration for its design from the old city's distinguished characteristics through its walls, souqs, khans, houses, greeneries and water features in a contemporary approach.


  • 2008- Qasba Master Plan

    Qasba Master Plan


    Client: Sharjah Investment Development Authority, Shurooq

    Location: Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Research, Master Planning & Urban Design Guidelines

    Total Built-up Area: 1,100,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 2,450,000,000

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2009

    J.V: WSP Middle East



    Project Description:


    Highlighting the values of holistic sustainability by creating a space for living, working, shopping and entertainment, The Qasba Master Plan is part of Al-Mamzar Island development project, which is an Island with a distinctive traditional feel combining contemporary urban and architectural designs.

    With a Lifestyle Centre at its nucleus and the whole development following H.H Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammad Al-Qasimi's vision, which connects the civic spine with the Grand Mosque area, the Qasba Master Plan project celebrates Arab culture while making use of the sites' unique natural and urban assets.


  • 2008- Heart Of Sharjah

    Heart of Sharjah


    Client: Ruler’s Office - Sharjah

    Location: Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Urban Design, Plan Development

    Total Built-up Area: 450,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 600,000,000

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2010

    J.V. / Associate: HBPU (Historic Building Preservation Unit)



    Project Description:


    Based on the visions of H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, the Heart of Sharjah development was designed to be the new beating center of Sharjah and enhances its prestigious position, as it houses the heritage and arts area that showcases the historical, cultural and urban layers of the city in an attempt to enhance its unique authentic values.

    With its location on the North side of Sharjah at the Sharjah Creek, this project celebrates the art and culture within an area of dense population dynamic with urban activities and buildings including the Port of Khalid, Sharjah Courts, and the city center.


  • 2008- King Abdullah II Park

    King Abdullah II Park


    Client: Greater Amman Municipality

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Site Area: 550,000 m2

    Total Built-up Area: 13,120 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 70,000,000

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2011



    Project Description:


    Emerged as part of Amman city development plan set by the Greater Amman Municipality, the distinctive project of King Abdullah II Park developed to create an integrated and sustainable park that simulates the urban, social and environmental context, as well as adopting a comprehensive theme offering Southern Amman residents an entertainment destination.


    The Park consists of public gardens, sport courts, plazas, library, gallery, shops and small supporting and official buildings. The King Abdullah II Park also houses several points of attraction such as the tank museum and children's centre along with an ecological centre.


  • 2009- Doha Land

    Doha Land


    Client: Doha Land

    Location: Doha - Qatar

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 25,400 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 65,000,000

    Starting Date: 2009

    Completion Date: 2010



    Project Description:


    The Doha Land project aims to revive and develop Doha’s city centre through the inspiration of cultural and traditional aspects of the area to fulfil the needs of the surrounding local community.

    Considered as an important articulation of the central area of Doha land, it includes a mosque, which presents a vital development spine, two office buildings, two residential buildings with two apartments on each floor along with a school which is also divided into two main buildings, the project also includes a Community Block including entertaining facilities such as a gym, a hall and a swimming pool, and an Educational Block.


  • 2009- Sir Bani Yas Island

    Royal Bay Residences - Sir Bani Yas Islands



    Client: TDIC – Abu-Dhabi

    Location: Sir Bani Yas Island / Abu-Dhabi – United Arab Emirate

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 760,000 m²

    Construction Cost: US $1,450,000,000

    Starting Date: 2009

    Completion Date: 2009


    Project Description:


    This project was allocated as a residential district that would serve the VVIP and senior figures of the local community, through reflecting the local identity and culture of UAE and to inspire a traditional sustainable architectural language design, the Royal Bay Residence design evolved as a luxury developed neighborhood located on the Sir Bin Yas Island.

    Setting out a unique design approach, this project created a design that respects the history and culture of the urban setting, while offering 86 fully equipped royal-like villas. The villas are divided into two main parts on the Island; the Royal Bay Island residences and the Royal Canal Beach Villa.


  • 2009- Khalifa Port & Industrial Zone

    Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone


    Client: Abu Dhabi Ports Company

    Location: Taweelah / Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Development for 7 Buildings & Site Supervision for the Terminal Area & 17 Buildings

    Area: 4,210 m2 Design - 25,000 m2 Supervision

    Construction Cost: US $ 1,400,000 Design - US $ 9,050,000 Supervision

    Starting Date: 2009 Design - 2011 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2010 Design -  Expected on 2024

    Co-Consultant: Moffat & Nichol (only in Design Stage)

    Contractor: Hyundai (Engineering & Built Contract) DAO is the Sole Consultant



    Project Description:


    Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ) designed as a multi-purpose facility that involves the construction of a world-scale container and industrial port in addition to the development of over 100 square kilometres of industrial, logistics, commercial, educational, and residential special economic and free zones.

    The purpose of the project is to cater for a number of industrial clusters, including base metals, heavy machinery, transport vehicle assembly, chemicals, shipyards, building materials, processed foods and beverages, light manufacturing and assembly, small and medium enterprises, trade and logistics, information and communication technology, alternative energy and others.

    The Port and the Industrial Zone will be developed separately. The Khalifa Port will be developed in 5 phases and will include a container handling terminal and piers for raw and bulk cargos. The Port will replace Abu Dhabi's largest existing port, Mina Zayed by 2012. The Mina Zayed port will then be redeveloped into a residential and commercial area. Khalifa Industrial Zone will be developed in 2 Areas (A and B). It will comprise of free zones, offering 100% foreign ownership to companies and individuals.

  • 2010- Fishing Port -Saadiyat Island

    New Fishing Port at Saadiyat Island


    Client: Musanada

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Urban Planning

    Total Site Area: 61,000 m²

    Construction Cost: US $ 45,000,000

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2011



    Project Description:


    The new Fishing Port aims to develop the infrastructure that is within this sector in a frame of sustainable development, where the design corresponds to the future infrastructure designs. The project is to be the link between Abu-Dhabi and Saadiyat Island, being a nautical social spine that presents an educational and entertainment centre on the essential economical trading history of fish and pearls along with rich fishing heritage.

    Inspired by the shape ships and their movements, the bridge's spine is covered with a design structure that emphasizes its importance and improves the quality of the space, where tourists and visitors' can enjoy, in addition to embracing various facilities and required utilities.


  • 2010- Al Mataf

    Increasing Al Mataf Capacity of the Holy Mosque


    Client:  Umm Al Qura University - SETS

    Location:  Mecca - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided:  Concept Design - International competition

    Starting Date:  2010

    Completion Date:  2011 (Stage 1)

    J.V: Consortium SOM, DAO & G4S


    Project Description:

    In its quest towards development and creativity, and in an attempt to inspire integrated solutions for increasing Al-Mataf capacity in the Holy Mosque of Mecca, the design was to provide two suitable solutions which would help accommodate the large number of pilgrims and worshippers during peak seasons of Al-Hajj and Umrah.

    The main concept of both approaches was based on putting two designs without having any drastic visual alterations to the Holy Mosque, thus the first approach was conducted through the absence of any architectural interventions such as removing or adding columns or stairs… etc., whereas the second approach suggested architectural modification, mainly in the area between Tawaf and Sai on the ground and first floors.