Considering the desired image of the workplace, the functional requirements as well as employees well-being, are the basis of inspiration for DAR AL OMRAN’s designs for office buildings.     with a unique experience of the workplace.

Clients’ visions for flexibility and comfort, connectivity and reliability as well as a healthy and effective workplaces are all interpreted through reflecting the sense of a company’s mission, trademark and style of work which serves the needs and requirements of clients and employees alike.




    Client: Al-Riydh Development Company
    Location : Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
    Servicesd Provided

    Design Competition

    Built-up Area 40,m²

    Construction Costs: $25,000,000
    Starting Datet: 1994
    CompletionaDate: 1994



    Project Description:


    This office building is located near the complex of the First Al-Tameer Shopping Project; a place of great importance in the heart of the city of Al-Riyadh. It introduces a contemporary image of a high rise building that is strongly connected to its surrounding urban context. The building comprises of sixteen floors of offices equipped and served with the most up-to-date building technologies. It is intended to be an urban landmark in harmony with other important buildings of the city such as the Friday Mosque and Justice Palace. This group of buildings will form the seeds for a homogeneous and well designed urfabric. .






    Client:: Consulting Engineering Office for PublicUtilities
    Location: Misrata -Libya
    Services:Provided:  Design CompetitionStarting:Date:  1995Completion Datet  : 199







    Client :  Jordan Telecom Company

    Location:: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided:: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area:025,500 m²2

    Construction Cost: US $15,200,000
    Starting Date:19966Completion:Date:  1996

    Project Description:


    The Tower is located in Amman across from the Housing Bank Complex, and near the old telecom tower, which will remain in function. It creates a unique and impressive landmark in the cityscape. The building was divided into two parts in order to preserve the continuity of the microwaves transmitted by the old tower. With bridges of several floors linking the two parts. The building consists of an auditorium, museum and offices including offices for the Minister and the Vice Minister on the top floors in addition to a small mosque located on the entrance circular court. The architectural character is inspired by local traditional and contemporary architecture.







    Client:: Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Location:: Makkah - Saudi Arabia
    Services Provided:  Design CompetitionTotal0Built-up Area:50,000 m²
    Construction Cost::  US $40,000,000
    Starting Date: 1996
    Completion Date::  199



    Project Description



    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry building is located in one of the active commercial streets in Mekka Al-Mukkarama, where the suggested design reflects the art of traditional architecture of the region through a contemporary representation of  the buildings formation and façades;  through the materials used and the wooden mashrabiyas that symbolize the traditional architecture as decorative elements

    The project consists of six buildings, surrounded by a piazza that is covered with a tensile structure giving the building an impeccable design, and traces of modern design, five of these buildings comprise of nine floors that accommodate the Chamber's offices..






    Client: Mr. Tahseen Al-Khayyat

    Location:  Beirut - Lebanon

    Services Provided : Design Competition

    Total Built up Area :21,000 m²
    Construction Cost  : US $ 10,000,000

    Starting Date:  1997

    Completion Date:  199


    Project Description:


    Located in the central district of Beirut, this landmark houses a mixed use program including car parking in the lower three basements, shopping mall and movie theaters in the first 5 floors provided with escalators & elevators, as the site is located between two streets of different levels. It also accommodates private clinics in a separate block of six floors with a separate entrance. The upper floors (from the 7th-16th) accommodate furnished apartments and studios. The architectural image is clearly inspired by Lebanon traditional architecture and reflects the complex program of human and organic expression.







    Client   : A. Murry

    Location  : Qatar

    Services Provided : Architectural CompetitionTotalaBuilt-up0Area:15,000 m²2

    Construction Cost : US $15,000,000

    StartingDate:: 1997

    Completion Date:1997





    Client: RB& B Investment Inc.
     Location:  Albeereh - Palestine

    Services Provided : Design

    Total Built-up Area :33,500 m²
    Construction  Cost  : US $ 15,000,000

    Starting Date  : 2000

    Completion Date : 2001



    Project Description:


    Located in the Palestinian city of Ramallah, this building is intended as an impressive landmark in the cityscape, as it contributes to the development of the city through an innovative solution. The building consists of two stories of the state of the art shopping mall, one story food court, ten stories of offices, five stories of hotel apartments, ballroom on the nineteenth floor, a revolving restaurant on the top of the building, as well as movie theaters at grade and below grade levels, and 3 levels of parking garages. The architectural character is distinctly contemporary using modern materials and facade treatments achieving a high degree of transparency and rationality.







    Client:: National Company for Engineering Services (NESSCO)
    Location:: Tripoli - Libya

    Services Provided:d Design

    Total Built-up Area:031,500 m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $17,800,000
    Starting Date:  2000Completion:Date:  2003



    Project Description:


    In an attempt to create a unique and impressive landmark near the old city of Tripoli, Burj Bulayla was inspired to reflect the traditional elements of the region with a contemporary twist, while corresponding to the location by being tilted to face the street corner for better exposure and stronger presence


    Consisting of two square towers of 20 to 24 floors, this project houses the offices for an engineering company, with the higher tower intended for a bank. The ground and mezzanine floors are used as entrance lobbies and have banking services as well as a flexible open showroom in the lower tower with the upper floors having semi open plans for office areas.





    Client: Kordofan:Company Ltd.
     Location:  Khartoum- Sudan

    Services Provided:  Design Competition (First Prize)

    Total Built-up Area:: 40,000m²
    Construction Cost::  US $37,000,000
    Starting Date: 2004
    Completion Date:20044


    Project Description:


    The design of The Kordofan Trading Tower in the capital Khartoum won first place in the architectural competition, where the design reflected the traditional architecture of Sudan mixed with the contemporary architectural style


    The design of The Kordofan Trading Tower aimed to present a futuristic vision that would set a benchmark for the urban development plan of the city, In terms of the overall composition and the relationship with the surrounding urban context, this building consists of 25 floors including offices, furnished apartments, in addition to showrooms and multi purpose halls.



  • 2004-AKTAN TOWER


    Client:: Sudan Cotton Company Ltd.
    Location:  Khartoum -Sudan
    Services Provided::  Design - Competition (Second Prize)

    Total Built-up Area:  50,000m²
    Construction Cost::  US $30,000,000
    Starting Date:2004
    Completion Date:  2005


    Project Description:

    The design of this architectural competition for the headquarters for the Cotton Company aimed to present a traditional architectural character associated with the city of Khartoum in a contemporary style, using modern materials and technologies such as steel and glass. The Cotton Tower is divided into two buildings, one being a commercial building with 15 floors and the other representing the head quarter building with 10 floors

    The Cotton Towers have a total built up area of50,000m²;e the buildings consist of a showroom, offices, apartments as well as general services and parking facilities.





     Location:  Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Services Provided: Design  Competition

    Total Built-up Area:37,000m²
    Construction Cost:  US $27,027,000
    Starting Date: 2002
    Completion Date:  200



    Project Description:


    Introducing the latest building design, the innovation of Sheikh Saif Tower design was inspired to reflect modernity and outstanding contemporary architecture styles that have developed in the emirate of Abu Dhabi


    The Design of Sheikh Saif Tower with a site area of 37,000 m²²  reflects concepts of contemporary architecture in the city of Abu Dhabi, as this 25-storey tower consists of mixed uses, including commercial shops on the ground floor and offices on two floors above the shops and then elegant apartments reaching the roof level where there lies a health club.





    Client::Al-Mutlaq Company
     Location:  Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area:  122,600m²2

    Construction Cost  : US $82,500,000
    Starting Date: 2006
    Completion Date:  2006



    Project Description:


    The proposed design of Mutlaq Tower project located in the city of Jeddah,reflected DAR ALOMRAN’s  methodology in the development of integrated creative architectural models and solutions for office buildings, where the design highlights the meaning of modern commerce and communication through an architectural language inspired from sea life and the shapes of ship elements in an abstract manner in the ability to survive nature’s challenges and the art of dealing with it, where this was reflected in the design through the creation of a building that is well balanced and strong with the addition of elements that add vitality to this building.





     Location:  Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided : Design CompetitionTotal0Built-up Area:19,700 m²
    Constructiont Cost::  US $14,300,000
    Starting Date:: 2006
    Completion Date::  2006


    Project Description:


    The suggested design for this commercial complex located in Alabdali, is comprised of two major masses connected with each other through an atrium. The building also includes panoramic elevators to facilitate moving between the building's nine floors; The Alabdali Office Building inspired to create a mixed-use entity consisting of commercial zones in both the ground and mezzanine floors and offices distributed throughout the rest of the building, in addition to two basement floors for parking

    The architectural character of the building is directed towards a contemporary expression through the use of materials such as glass, stone andconcrete.





    Client:: Arab Insurance Company
    Location:: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided : Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area : 6,700 m²

    Construction Cost  : US $7,000,000
    Starting Date:2008
    Completion Date: 2008




    Project Description:


    The design presented for the architectural competition for the Arab Insurance Company building reflected contemporary concepts of openness and values ​​associated with the formation of the building. The building consists of six floors and two parking floors; the reception was located on the ground floor, while the administrative offices were distributed on the upper floors. In order to get a consistent geometric shape that reflects the design concept for the project; the building’s exterior was surrounded with stone walls and modern mashrabiyya that reflect the image of traditional architecture, and which was designed to shield the building from the sun's directrays.





    Client::PublicWAuthorityefor Electricity and Water (PAEW) -The  Governmentof:Oman
     Location:  Muscat -Oman
    Survives Provided:  Design CompetitionTotal0Built-up Area:14,000 m²
    Construction Cost::  US $14,200,000
    Starting Date: 2009
    Completion Date:  2009


    Project Description:


    The design of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water aims to highlight the Omani tradition through a traditional architectural style that is well balanced with modern design, the design also focuses on the private use of this building through symbolizing the combination of the energy of water and electricity for a sustainable future


    the upper part of the building represents a more modern and sustainable image, merging both traditional elements with photo-voltaic and utilizing other sustainable components and materials. However; the lower part of the building imitates the Omani Aflaj through water cascading at the entrance, thus resembling the traditional side of thebuilding





    Client:  Gulf Council Interconnection Authority (GCIA)
     Location:  Dammam – Saudi Arabia
    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Built-Up Area:  15,500 m²

    Construction Cost:  US $18,900,000
    Starting Date:: 2009
    Completion Date::  2009


    Project Description:


    In order to achieve integration between traditional and contemporary architecture, the Gulf Council Interconnection Authority (GCIA) project located in Dammam–KSA was inspired to reflect a modern yet authentic civilization, with the aim to embrace sustainable and ecological concepts to encourage positive consumption of power and renewable energy

    The Gulf Council Interconnection Authority consists of multi-floor buildings throughout the site, and the project also houses a mosque, a recreational center to serve the users and is surrounded with a piazza and embellished with astonishing gardens.