Without ignoring the consideration of proper value, flexibility and utilization, DAR AL OMRAN experienced design team endeavor to create optimized commercial spaces for shopping and pleasure where people love to go and enjoy their time in a beautiful place with all the needed services.

With all the required experience, and the developed comprehensive approach, the Firm’s experts and consultants are working to inspire and develop different visions for each project through achieving Clients' demands and needs from small commercial centers up to large shopping malls and iconic waterfront commercial development.




    Client : Jordan Central Bank

    Location  : Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided  : Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area:12,700 m²2

    Construction Cos  : US $ 7,500,000

    StartingDate:: 1992 Design - 1993 Supervision

    Completion Date : 1993 Design - 1996 Supervision


    Project Description:


    Located in one of the earliest urban areas in Amman city center, this project forms the third extension to the Jordan Central Bank. It is comprised of ten floors above ground and two basement floors used for car parking and services. The design concept is focused on integrating the new and old buildings and addressing the urban scale of the surrounding buildings. Large metal mashrabiyyas cover the front facades of the building, providing protection against southern exposure and creating a unique character, which adds to the building's civic quality as a formal building and a landmark in this part of thecity.






    Client  : Jordan Islamic Bank

    Location : Amman - Jordan

    ServicesProvidede  : Design & Supervision

    Total Built-upArea:7,800 m²2

    ConstructionCosts  : US $ 2,500,000Starting:Date:  1993 Design - 1996 SupervisionCompletioneDate:  1994 Design -19988 Supervision


    Project Description:


    Located in the heart of Al-Hussein commercial area, this eight-storey commercial building comprises two levels of retail shops on the ground and mezzanine level, and offices on the other five levels. Two basement levels serve the building with car parking and other services. The design of the retails and offices wrap around a sky lighted atrium with water fountains at both ends producing a dramatic atmosphere for visitors and users. The building facades are characterized by an elaborate combination of stone and metal works in a contemporary articulation with mashrabiya type metal screens used on streetfacade.






    Client: Riyadh Development Company
    Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
    Services Provided: Design & Supervision
    Total Built-up Area: 229,000 m²
    Construction Cost: :  US $120,000,000
    Starting Date:1994 Design - 1995 Supervision
    Completion Date:1995 Design - 1996 Supervision


    Project Description:


    The design of this project won first prize in an architectural competition, in a joint venture with the Community Design Collaborative Organization (CDC) in Cairo.  Al-Ta'meer Shopping Center was designed with an inspiring architectural character that would contribute to the transformation of the city center into a vibrant urban fabric, and which is located near the Justice Palace and The Grand Mosque in downtown Riyadh. The architectural approach would provide a model for contemporary Arab Bazaars through architectural elements and materials used, which blend the heritage with modern technology in a harmonious manner.

     Al-Ta'meer Shopping Center includes four main markets; the Central Market consisting of 515 shops, the Grand Festival Market consisting of 250 shops along with seven large stores, the Heritage Market consisting of 74 shops and the Gold Market which comprised of 120 shops; where these centers meet through a series of passages linking the urban surroundings to the main open plaza in the project.





    Client: Mr. Rasheed Kassab

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design &Supervision
    TotalpBuilt-up  Area: 1,900m²2

    Construction Cost: US $750,000
    StartinggDate:: 1995 Design -1996nSupervision
    Completion Date::  1996 Design - 1999 Supervision


    Project Description:



    This project is located in Al-Shumeisani district, one of Amman's important urban centers where most banks and commercial centers are located. The building stands as a modern urban statement of contemporary regional architecture. Its facades reflect both simplicity and modernity, with mature use of reinterpreted traditional vocabulary. A combination of red and white stones is used together with elegant metal work to create a domestic expression. The building comprises five floors of offices with one basement for car parking and mechanical services. The building also incorporates a central public courtyard and a drinking water fountain (Sabil), which reinforces the civic role of thisproject.



  • 1996-AMMAN MALL (C-TOWN)


    Client: American Department Stores Company

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area:26,0000m²2

    Construction Cost  : US $ 10,000,000

    Starting:Date:  1996 Design - 1997 Supervision

    Completion Date:  1997 Design - 1999 Supervision

    Project Description:


    Amman Mall is considered one of the first experiences in Jordan’s urban fabric for this type of business ventures, which represents international commercial markets on the one hand and that preserves the privacy of the traditional Arab markets (bazaar) on the other. The projects harmonious blend between modern and traditional design was achieved through the use of diverse materials and architectural elements such as the use of traditional stone and colored walls, glass and metal arches and ceilings. It also enriched the interior design of the building through the corridors with glass ceilings that opens onto inner courtyards


    The Mall consists of a three-level shopping mall, along with three levels of indoor parking spaces and an additional 150 outdoor parking spaces, and houses the C-Town department store which consists of two high ceilingfloors.




    Client:: Rakka' Limited Trading Company

    Location:: Tabouk - Saudi Arabia

    Servicesd Provided:  Design

    Total Built-up Area: 12,000 m²2

    Construction Cost  : US $ 9,000,000Starting:Date:  1998

    Completion Date : 199



    Project Description:


    This project forms a new building type for the northern Saudi city of Tabouk, including a shopping mall and recreational area. A balance between modernity and tradition is achieved through the use of hi-technology structural roofing system in conjunction with façade details inspired by local architectural traditions. The main concept is based on having a spiral form creating a dynamic atmosphere. This provides a lively shopping space as a focal point for the whole mall. Three attraction points are designed to activate the space. Two of them are placed on the ground floor represented by the shops and the restaurants area, the other attraction point is the children's playing area located on the first floor.




    Client: General Organization for Social Insurance

    Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area :141,000m²2

    Construction Cos  : US $ 150,000,000

    Starting Date:: 1999

    Completion Date:e 199



    Project Description:


    The proposed design was part of an international design competition to present new concepts for of shopping malls within the city of Riyadh, at the end of the twentieth century, came a design presented by DAR  ALOMRAN;  which won in one of the advanced positions, expressing a comprehensive vision of an urban project which interacts with its environment in an innovative urban resolution, inspired by natures desert dunes formation and finding an architectural configuration which interacts with its surroundings.


    The different parts of the mall came together through the gates that interact with with garden-like corridors and water features that intersect with the project in a manner reflecting the Arab architecture in a contemporary style maintaining the spirit of traditional with the use of modern techniques and materials. The complex includes an anchor store, many international brands, several shops, in addition to restaurants and a food court, along with recreational, financial and many other services.





    Client: Tamdeen Real Estate co.

    Location: Feheheel - Kuwait

    Services Provided: Architectural Design & Landscape, Supervision

    Site Area:0200,000 m²2

    TotalBuilt-up0Area: 40,000 m²2

    Construction Cost:: US $ 74,250,000

    Starting Date:: 2000 Design - 2002 Supervision

    Completion Date:: 2001 Design - 2004 Supervisio



    Project Description:


    The Feheheel Water Front Development in Kuwait is considered one of the important development projects of the region, where it exceeds its investment role within the  (Build Operate Transform) projects where it provides an integrated development vision for Al- Feheheel district


    Consisting of a commercial market, vegetable market, fruit and fish market as well as restaurants and cafes facing the sea shore, and in order to achieve this new vision, the intellectual discourse of the project extended over the projects site spatial and temporal limits, embracing concepts more deeply rooted within the value of civilization that characterizes the Coastal cities, represented in the human relationship with sea and land, linking the cultural heritage through interacting with the international world.





    Client: Tamdeen Real Estate Company

    Location: Feheheel – Kuwait

    Services Provided: Remodeling Design, Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 30,000m²
    Construction Cost: US $ 25,000,000

    Starting Date: 2000 Design - 2003 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2002 Design - 2006 Supervision


    Project Description:

    The design of Al-Manshar complex project emerged from the need to find a common urban language that combines traditional and contemporary character in the form of distinctive architecture where heritage meets the requirements of modern times; resulting in a contemporary shopping and entertaining complex, whilst preserving the cultural and traditional aspects of the region, and which ensures a complex that serves the local community of Al-Fehaheel city


    The urban approach to this project achieved a balance through linking existing parts of the old complex with the streets through a set of additional buildings, restoration, and development, linking these new elements through a series of air-conditioned passageways, covered courtyards with metal and tents like ceiling amidst an advanced structural technology


    The design included the remodeling of 10,500m²  shops, in addition to extra 4,000 m²,  a food court, anchor storesof6000 m²,,  and public activityareas0covering 5,000  m²





    Client: World Islamic Call Society

    Location: Tripoli – Libya

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area :127,000m²2

    Construction Cost: US $85,400,000
    Starting Date::  2001

    Completion Date : 2002



    Project   Description:


    Located in a prime site in Tripoli city, this project is a comprehensive commercial, cultural and medical complex including a car parking facility for 900 cars, two floors shopping mall, a conference center. 3 ballrooms, 5 restaurants, 3 floors for offices and three floors for specialist clinics. The design celebrates the traditional architecture of old Tripoli in a new image incorporating metal screens, stone cladding and glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) decorations all composed in a balanced contemporarydesign.






    Client: National Bank of Kuwait

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided : Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area :800m²
    Construction Cost::  US$860,000
    Starting Date:  2003 Design - 2003Supervision
    Completion Date:  2003 Design - 2004 Supervision



    Project Description:


    Throughout a creative and innovative design process, this building was transformed from a 35-year-old weak structure building into a contemporary bank building that represented an artistic work which can be considered as a landmark in Shmesani commercial district in Amman. The exterior walls of the new design provided an envelope for the existing old building. Various types of material with different colors accommodated the function and character of this new building, which was achieved by using glass, aluminum, stone, and marble, reflecting transparency, charm and strength. New structural elements added strength and beauty to the building. The interior works were designed to ensure efficiency in addition to physical and visual contact between ground and first floor, which eventually added functional and aesthetic elements to the building as awhole.




    Client  : Arab National Bank

    Location : Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided : Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area   : 1,200 m2

    Construction Cost      : US $ 1,750,000

    Starting Date    : 2003

    Completion Date   : 2003



    Project Description:


    The architectural concept and philosophy for this prototype scheme projects reflect the strong financial stature, the long established traditions, and the corporate image of the Arab National Bank. This formal interpretation of these values is achieved through developing new exterior and interior themes for the bank's’711 branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Customer Services & Marketing, Tellers and Banking, Back of the House Services and the designs of drive-up ATM and Pylon Column. The intention is to allow for subtle variations of the architectural image to relate and integrate each branch within its particular urban context.






    Clientn  : Al-DarLocationo  : Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    ServicesProvided:d Design – all stagesTotal:Built-up Area:  26,000m²2

    Construction Cost : US $ 32,000,000Starting:Date:  2005

    CompletionDate:e 200



    Project Description:


    Abu Dhabi’s Heritage mall is a contemporary building that celebrates the architectural heritage of the Gulf region and most specifically Abu Dhabi’s genuine architecture. This conservative building is not a mere replica of the past, it emphasizes on the architectural elements that shaped the city’s image and defined its style. The introverted four-stories building, inspired from Islamic cities, is composed of atria in which vertical circulations are located and spines which tie themtogether

    The roof of the mall is covered with tents which cover extended terraces of restaurants and cafes.




    Client:: Makkiyoon- Urban Developers
    Location:: Makkah - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided : Master Planning

    Total built-up Area  :1,211,000m²2

    Construction Cost : US $ 1,950,000,000

    Starting Date:  2006

    Completion Date: 2008



    Project Description:


    The design presented for the architectural competition for the Arab Insurance Company building reflected contemporary concepts of openness and values ​​associated with the formation of the building. The building consists of six floors and two parking floors; the reception was located on the ground floor, while the administrative offices were distributed on the upper floors. In order to get a consistent geometric shape that reflects the design concept for the project; the building’s exterior was surrounded with stone walls and modern mashrabiyya that reflect the image of traditional architecture, and which was designed to shield the building from the sun's directrays.







    Client: Mr. Zahi Al Masri

    Location: Amman -Jordan
    Services Provided::  Design

    Total Built-up Area :20,000m²
    Starting Date: 2006
    Completion Date:  2006


    Project Description:


    The project locates in Wadi Al Sair – West Amman on a land areaaround 41,102m²²  in the way to AirportStreet.

    The project consists of 7 floors and two basements the ground and first floors used as exhibition with totalbuiltaarea  20,000m²  for each floor, the upper floors uses as offices withareafof  20,000m²²  foreach floor.

    The basement used as parking with a capacity (80-100)carshwith  4,000m²²  area





    Client: Al-Mutlaq Group

    Location: Jubail - Saudi Arabia
    Services Provided:  Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area:  46,500m²
    Construction Cost:  US $30,000,000
    Starting Date:  2007 Design - 2010Supervision
    Completion Date:  2009 Design


    Project Description



    The project is located in Jubail in Saudi Arabia on land showing the total site area of approximately 21,500 m²..  The location of the site on the sea and the ease of access ensure that the mall will become the premier destination for shoppers and those seeking a wide range of entertainment and leisure. The complex contains an anchor store (city plaza), many shops, and internationally renowned large stores, as well as restaurants, a food court, recreational, financial, and other services with underground parking for 600 cars. The aim is to create a balanced development attractive to both tenants and the general public and to benefit the local community. An urban park providing a sensitive ecological and environmental response to the site will form an attractive feature to the complex.




    Client: Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed
    Location:  Abu-Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Built up Area: 31,000 m²

    Construction Cost: US $38,000,000Starting:Date: 2011
    Completion Date::  2011


    Project Description:


    The building’s architectural design formally and philosophically extends out into the community, welcoming visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience its contemporary design.  The high performance glazing, and stainless steel give the building a timeless appearance and extraordinary durability in the Gulf climate


    Transparent glazing panels and concrete surfaces animate the building, exposing the activities within and engaging people and community at multiple levels on both the interior and exterior. Selected to reflect contrasting climatic extremes of the long days of summer and the short day of winter, these materials create a dynamic quality that allows, the building to change along with its surrounding context. Not only does the building change throughout the day, it changes from season to season.





    Client: Sheikh: Sultan Bin Zayed  Office
    Location:  Abu-Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area:  110,000 m²

    Construction Cost:  US$129,000,000
    Starting Date: 20111

    Completion Date:: 201



    Project Description


    The project philosophy aimed to create a contemporary design that reflects the modernity of Abu Dhabi as a metropolitan city and one of the most developing capitals in the world, through the overlapping between the modern urban fabric and the natural environment with the treatment of forms and the introduction of the element of gardens within the design


    The projects plot was a rectangular shape; thus divided into five equal squares, where the entrance was deflected to influence the dynamics of the overall composition and show the primary concept of the building in addition to the strong correlation with thesurroundings.



  • 2011-QSHIP TOWER



    Client: Qatar Navigation
    Location:: Doha – Qatar

    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Built up Area  : 96,445m²
    Construction Cost::  US$200,000,000
    Starting Date:2011
    Completion Date:  2011


    Project Description


    As a distinguished landmark in Qatar’s sea side skyline, the Qship Tower consists of two triangular towers reflecting a hyperspace covered with several layers of greenery, while tracing the podiums with two pedestrian accesses and two vehicle entrances


    The Qship Towers represent a unique strong force within its surrounding urban fabric, where the human experience is enhanced with penetrated access from the city-side to the seaside, a supreme sea-view, water features, a pedestrian entrance and natural elements, while the glass façades are articulated by concrete screens as if they are embracing the towers and moving smoothly with their revolving shapes in a sustainable model.